In examining diverse religions around the world one cannot but draw to a profound conclusion that
these very religions are in certain ways confusing, often in conflict with one another, and some with
very distorted values quite simply don’t know what they’re talking about.  They foster beliefs in
religious wars, rewards in the afterlife for the murder of innocent people, and whole belief systems
based on repugnant and archaic philosophies (Jesus died on the cross to save my soul, etc.). Many
perpetuate the purposeless belief in reincarnation, the maintenance of an ecclesiastical authority,
anthropomorphic ideas of a God of human emotions and sentiments (a vindictive and wrathful God),
and a God deserving of appeasement (a God to barter with).  Other religions advocate chanting the
same words over and over again, spinning prayer wheels to propitiate the gods and praying
ritualistically six times a day concomitant with physical prostration while facing eastward. It is for these
reasons and others that the following is presented:

                                                         Erroneous Ideas of God

(UB-60)  “One of the greatest sources of confusion on Urantia concerning the nature of God grows
out of the failure of your sacred books clearly to distinguish between the personalities of the Paradise
Trinity and between Paradise Deity and the local universe creators and administrators.  During the
past dispensations of partial understanding your priests and prophets failed clearly to differentiate
between Planetary Princes, System Sovereigns, Constellation Fathers, Creator Sons, Superuniverse
Rulers, the Supreme Being, and the Universal Father.  Many of the messages of subordinate
personalities, such as Life Carriers and various orders of angels have been, in your records,
presented as coming from God himself.  Urantian religious thought still confuses the associate
personalities of Deity with the Universal Father himself, so that all are included under one appellation.”

“The barbarous idea of appeasing an angry God, of propitiating an offended Lord, of winning the
favor of Deity through sacrifices and penance and even by the shedding of blood, represents a
religion wholly puerile and primitive, a philosophy unworthy of an enlightened age of science and
truth.  Such beliefs are utterly repulsive to celestial beings and the divine rulers who serve and reign
in the universes.  It is an affront to God to believe, hold, or teach that innocent blood must be shed in
order to win his favor or to divert the fictitious divine wrath.”

 Need for Sound Religion

(1090) “During the psychologically unsettled times of the twentieth century, amid the economic
upheavals, the moral crosscurrents, and the sociological rip tides of the cyclonic transitions of a
scientific era, thousands upon thousands of men and women have become humanly dislocated; they
are anxious, restless, fearful, uncertain, and unsettled; as never before in the world’s history they
need the consolation and stabilization of sound religion.  In the face of unprecedented scientific
achievement and mechanical development there is spiritual stagnation and philosophic chaos.”

                                          Prime Reason for the Book

(1) “In the minds of the mortals of Urantia – that being the name of your world – there exists great
confusion respecting the meaning of such terms as God, divinity, and deity.”

The foregoing was indited by an Orvonton Divine Counselor, chief of the Corps of Superuniverse
Personalities assigned to portray on Urantia the truth concerning the Paradise Deities and the
universe of universes.  He goes on to say,
“Deity is personalizable as God, is prepersonal and
superpersonal in ways not altogether comprehensible by man.  Deity is characterized by the quality of
unity – actual or potential – on all supermaterial levels of reality, and this unifying quality is best
comprehended by creatures as divinity.”