Series 2---The Planetary Government (2014)---(Page 1254)

   “The actual administration of Urantia is indeed difficult to describe. There exists no formal
government along the lines of universe organization, such as separate legislative, executive, and
judicial departments. The twenty-four counselors come the nearest to being the legislative branch of
the planetary government The governor general is a provisional and advisory chief executive with the
veto power resident in the Most High observer (to be explained later). And there are no absolute
authoritative judicial powers operative on the planet—only the conciliating commissions.
   A majority of the problems involving seraphim and midwayers are, by mutual consent, decided by
the governor general. But except when voicing the mandates of the twenty-four counselors, his rulings
are all subject to appeal to conciliating commissions, to local authorities constituted for planetary
function, or even to the System Sovereign of Satania.
   The absence of the corporeal staff of a Planetary Prince and the material regime of an Adamic Son
and Daughter is partially compensated by the special ministry of seraphim and by the unusual
services of the midway creatures. The absence of the Planetary Prince is effectively compensated by
the triune presence of the archangels, the Most High observer, and the governor general.
   This rather loosely organized and somewhat personally administered planetary government is more
than expectedly effective because of the time saving assistance of the archangels and their ever-
ready circuit, which is so frequently utilized in planetary emergencies and administrative difficulties.
Technically, the planet is still spiritually isolated in the Norlatiadek circuits. But in an emergency this
handicap can now be circumvented through utilization of the archangels’ circuit. Planetary isolation is,
of course, of little concern to individual mortals since the pouring out of the Spirit of Truth upon all
flesh nineteen hundred years ago.
   Each administrative day on Urantia begins with a consultative conference, which is attended by the
governor general, the planetary chief of archangels, Life Carriers, and invited guests from among the
high Sons of the universe or from among certain of the student visitors who may chance to be
sojourning on the planet.
   The direct administrative cabinet of the governor general consists of twelve seraphim, the acting
chiefs of the twelve groups of special angels functioning as the immediate superhuman directors of
planetary progress and stability.”

Norlatiadek—“The government of your constellation is situated in a cluster of 771 architectural
spheres (non-evolutionary) the centermost and largest of which is Edentia, the seat of the
administration of the Constellation Fathers, the Most Highs of Norlatiadek. Edentia itself is
approximately one hundred times as large as your world. The seventy major spheres surrounding
Edentia are about ten times the size of Urantia, while the ten satellites which revolve around each of
these seventy worlds are about the size of Urantia. These 771 architectural spheres are quite
comparable in size to those of other constellations.”
   (We are speaking here of only the architectural spheres; Norlatiadek itself is comprised of 100
systems each containing 1,000 worlds, (100,000 worlds), but in a superuniverse there are 10,000,000
constellations and there are seven superuniverses with approximately 70,000,000 constellations, and
at the superuniverse level there are
1,000,000,000,000 inhabited planets. The Hubble Space Telescope is still attempting to discover its
first inhabited world, but it has open up the universe to incredibly sizable proportion-- discoveries that
have been made in the last ten years; so incredible were the dimensions that they were inconceivable
in less than a decade ago.) (To give one an idea as to the size, the revelation maintains that there are
as many stars as there are cups of water in all the oceans of our world.)URI
 The Most High Observer---“The sovereignty of Urantia is further complicated by the onetime arbitrary
seizure of planetary authority by the government of Norlatiadek shortly after the planetary rebellion.
There is still resident on Urantia a Vorondadek Son, an observer for the Most Highs of Edentia and, in
the absence of direct action by Michael, trustee of planetary sovereignty. The present Most High
observer (and sometime regent) is the twenty-third thus to serve on Urantia.
   There are certain groups of planetary problems which are still under the control of the Most Highs
of Edentia, jurisdiction over them having been seized at the time of the Lucifer rebellion. Authority in
these matters is exercised by a Verondadek Son, the Norlatiadek observer, who maintains very close
advisory relations with the planetary supervisors. The race commissioners are very active on Urantia,
and their various group chiefs are informally attached to the resident Vorondadek observer, who acts
as their advisory director.
   In a crisis the actual and sovereign head of the government, excepting in certain purely spiritual
matters, would be this Vorondadek Son of Edentia now on observation duty. (In these exclusively
spiritual problems and in certain purely personal matters, the supreme authority seems to be vested in
the commanding archangel attached to the divisional headquarters of that order which was recently
established on Urantia)”  
   (This discourse is sketchy at best, but it is rather difficult to condense ten pages of unfamiliar
information down to three pages and make the report cohesive, especially when the context is out of
order. However, I would like to squeeze in some order of angels meandering about, and list the
conditions making our world so unique.)(URI)
   “Urantia is not without proper and effective supervision from the system, constellation, and universe
rulers. But the planetary government is unlike that of any other world in the system, even in all
Nebadon. (The local universe) This uniqueness in your plan of supervision is due to a number of
unusual circumstances:
   1.   The life modification status of Urantia.
   2.   The exigencies of the Lucifer rebellion.
   3.   The disruptions of the Adamic default.
   4.   The irregularities growing out of the fact that Urantia was one of the bestowal worlds of the
Universe Sovereign. Michael of Nebadon is the Planetary Prince of Urantia.
   5.   The function of the twenty-four planetary directors.
   6.   The location on the planet of an archangels’ circuit  
   7.   The more recent designation of the one time incarnated Machiventa Melchizedek as vicegerent
Planetary Prince. (Pg. 1250)

   “When the first governor general arrived on Urantia, concurrent with the outpouring of the Spirit of
Truth, he was accompanied by twelve corps of special seraphim, Seraphington graduates, who were
immediately assigned to certain special planetary services. These exalted angels are known as the
master seraphim of planetary supervision and are, aside from the overcontrol of the planetary Most
High observer, under the immediate direction of the resident governor general.”
   “These twelve groups of angels, while functioning under the general supervision of the resident
governor general, are immediately directed by the seraphic council of twelve, the acting chiefs of each
group. This council also serves as the volunteer supernaphim, I preside over this council of seraphic
chiefs, and I am a volunteer supernaphim of the primary order serving on Urantia as the successor of
the onetime chief of the angelic hosts of the planet who defaulted at the time of the Caligastia
   “The twelve corps of the master seraphim of planetary supervision are functional On Urantia as
follows: (We will be deleting the description of the duties of these angels for space saving reasons
   1.   The epochal angels. These are the angels of the current age, the dispensational group. These
celestial ministers are intrusted with the oversight and direction of the affairs of each generation as
they are designed to fit into the mosaic of the age in which they occur.
   2.   The progress angels. These angels are intrusted with the task of initiating the evolutionary
progress of the successive social ages.
   3.   The religious guardians. These are the angels of the churches, the earnest contenders for that
which is and has been.
4.   The angels of nation life. These are the angels of the trumpets, the directors of the political
performance of Urantia national life.
5.   The angels of the races. Those who work for the conservation of the evolutionary races of time.
6.   The angels of the future.
7.   The angels of enlightenment. A corps who are dedicated to fostering planetary education.
8.   The angels of health.   
9.   The home seraphim.
10. The angels of industry.  
11. The angels of diversion.
12. The angels of superhuman ministry.
   There are many other classifications of angels working on our behalf that deserve mention: The
archangels, the transport angels, the guardian angels, the cherubim, the sanobim and god knows how
many others I have failed to mention. All of these celestial beings know exactly what we are up to, and
I am sure must feel frustrated the way things are proceeding. They are here to help shape world
cultures to align with our advanced predecessors who are living in light and life.
   The universe eventually has to reach a balance of intellectual foresight to maintain its existence,
until the next age begins. The age of eternity goes on until God gets tired of it. One is either helping
to sustain the universe or working for its destruction, with laggards being kicked out of the hive.
Dissenters against the rule of God await their fate of being tossed into the world of non-existence--
oblivion. We are reaching a point of irreparability, a check mate to our cultural survival; if the world
doesn’t come to it’s senses soon the world could turn itself into a freak show; an existence where
societies no longer work. The Neanderthals lived for 900,000 years without the benefit of establishing
progressive societies; are we about to do the same? Will the Beverly Hills set end up boasting about
who is living in the best cave. Don’t laugh, it happened once in the 1970’s when a group in the Urantia
movement were told by one of their venerated peers that the world as we knew it would end in a
couple of years caused by a nuclear holocaust; this caused one wealthy believer to run out and
purchase a huge cave somewhere in Colorado. After spending about a million dollars in what might be
termed refined furnishings, and when the holocaust failed to happened, he put it on the market for two
and a half million. When a prospective buyer had the cave inspected it was found to have radon, a
completely odorless gas, and radioactive. It was deemed unlivable. The cave was worthless and the
guy went broke. I guess the moral here is, beware of false prophets and keep away from people telling
you, their cave is better than yours.
   But the overall feeling I wish to convey is, that while the human leaders of our unique world are
stumbling around trying to keep their feet on the ground, all the while stirring up the biggest mess the
world has ever seen by getting us into problems we can’t escape, there still remains a loosely but
effective organization of highly intelligent, experienced, and morally adjusted celestial beings on our
world who know where we are headed, and at the propitious time will intervene, by helping us to put
ourselves back on track.  
   Keep the faith, we are not alone.