Ideas of industry have advanced civilization’s quality of life on everything  from digitally
enhanced video tape to the digitally enhanced human body. Whatever our concept of the
digitally enhanced, these 21st century terms need little qualification to be understood. Minimal
conversation would generally clarify the terms preventing confusion. The mind is quite capable
of segregating material facts even  when language might impose confusion . Therefore
knowledge is thus analyzed, sorted, and mentally recorded and stored - all in nano-seconds.
While this may be the sequence of the fact-discerning mind, one essential ingredient of thought
is often missing - truth. The mind sorts and records facts but only the spiritually discerning
intellect records true values.

In varying degrees the mind of man operates above the limited animal consciousness (limited
only to an awareness of the objective universe) in that man possesses the spirit potential of
wisdom and worship - requisites for truth discernment.  

In today’s world mankind is running the risk of sub-normal intelligent material advancement due
to the exclusion of a concomitant moral commitment to the harmonizing effects of true values.
Some how  we have managed to develop unprecedented material growth without paying
attention to where this growth is leading us as a collective body - as a society. Are we somehow
out of synchrony - are we materially wobbling out of control? Perhaps our social bearings are in
need of oil, or do we assume they are self lubricating - are we wearing down due to the lack of a
concurrent spirituality monitoring our materiality? Our revelation suggests we are. In other words
we have seemingly failed to incorporate sufficient ethics and morals as governing factors
monitoring our material advancement, readily perceived in government politics, industry, the
field of education, commerce, banking and in just about anything requiring human interaction.

The eye of the material mind perceives a world of factual knowledge, the eye of the spiritualized
discerns a world of true values. These two views, synchronized and harmonized reveal
the world of reality, wherein wisdom interprets the phenomenon of the universe in terms of
progressive personal experience.” (Pg. 1435)  Does this 20/0 vision then, not imply, a partial
sense of insanity (lack of reality contact) to the 21st century culture. Is the 21st century culture
making a symbolic fashion statement  by proceeding in pirate fashion with a patch over one eye.
Are we not covering the eye of  “spiritualized intellect” and viewing the world in half blind fashion
with the sharp but limited vision of only the eye of the material mind? Because if we are we are,
the limiting of our perceptions makes us veritably unreal to the spiritual beings that surround us.
We are then really little more than the lower animal orders. I sometimes think that Dr. Sadler’s
English pug (Buddy) and my beagle (Bubby) had more spiritual awareness than many humans I’
ve run into, since these little animals were incapable of spiritualizing their limited intellects, yet
seemed to act with more decorum than half the human population.

When we deliberately close off half of our field of vision, in the above sense, we are narrowing
our reality by closing our vision to the other half the world - the most important half - the spiritual
side of life. We henceforth become more and more unreal with every decision that precludes
spirituality from our lives.

Now it is generally recognized in the domain of psychology that the most widely used ego
defense mechanism is denial - the capacity to tune out reality, often attributed to traumatic
incidents, but certainly not limited thereto. Shutting out the spiritual reality reduces one’s life to a
sham existence - denial at its best. When one has no fear of consequences, if he hasn’t  
already crippled himself physically , he surely will mentally. Reality demands that we observe all
sides of life, good, bad, or indifferent.

When we intentionally escape reality, for whatever reason, we are employing denial (denial of
the events that impinge upon us). When we proceed without regard to these events we ever so
slowly chip away at our character by becoming less real, and less real equates to
disingenuousness , and the disingenuous if not careful run the risk of being outright insincere,
and it is insincerity that destroys us as a legitimate personality through misadaptation  to cosmic
harmony. Con artists, sociopaths, addicts, and psychotics live on the fringe of the real world.
When their behavior becomes inveterate and seemingly devoid of a capacity to change, they
have committed to a pattern of behavioral stagnation bordering on spiritual stagnation, thereby
risking the chance at eternal survival.
“Final divergence of personality will from the trend of the
universes terminates in intellectual isolation, personality segregation. Loss of the indwelling
spirit pilot supervenes in spiritual cessation of existence.”
(Pg.1435) Into eternity enter only the
sincere, the real, the genuine. Our spiritual progress and entrance into the kingdom is based on
sincerity, sincerity, and more sincerity.