Urantia Readers International
Baker Jordan
Paul Herrick   (click here for some of Paul's statements)
Paul Herrick, known affectionately to his friends as Heretic, probably due to his fanaticism to the Urantia
revelation, but no more fanatical than John the Baptist, the apostles, or the Greek martyr Stephen. Paul, a
retired aeronautical engineer and one time atheist, has pretty much done it all since his introduction to the
Urantia revelation by Meredith Sprunger in 1962. Paul has done so much in promoting the book that a
short biography will be presented at a later date exposing the fascinating events Paul has experienced in
presenting the book. He will even be parachuting into our annual barbeque in June, landing only 20 feet
from the food tables. Paul has previously parachuted into a pond at the Pratt-Whitney plant in Jupiter. To
keep the 12 foot alligators from chomping on him he was advised to have a boat continuously circling the
pond to keep the alligators on the bottom. If Paul should get a write in the Palm beach Post he invariably
mentions the Urantia book