Submitted by Robert Burton - 1969   (Forum member)

There are at least 25 evils that our government is fostering and encouraging. Eleven of them caused the
downfall of the great Roman Empire that prospered for over a thousand years.

John Quincy Adams said, that historically all democracies have committed suicide. Barney Baruch said that
we were in the last stages of decline before a military dictatorship will have to take over to restore order and
start anew.

That raises the question, HOW SHOULD WE START NEW?

1.        A National Constitutional Convention should be called to completely reorganize our government to
bring it up to date to serve properly this electronic, atomic, jet age.
2.        Suspend the suffrage of every one supported by the government, while they are supported the
government. Conflict of interest. They vote against the taxpayers who support the government. Politicians
would help people become self-supporting in order to vote.
3.         Differential vote value according to qualification attainments and as reward for outstanding public
service. Dominance of mediocrity greatest danger to a   democracy with universal equal suffrage.
4.        Require candidates for public office to be graduates of appropriate schools of statesmanship to
qualify them for public office they seek.
5.        Break up the Washington, D.C. bureaucratic monstrosity into ten regional executive districts that
would be more economical and responsive to the needs of the people.
6.        Control reproduction. Parental schools to qualify for parenthood. Sterilize unfit biologic strains, and
temporarily sterilize life long welfare recipients. Eliminate habitual criminals and incurable insane. Foster
superior biologic strains. Encourage artificial insemination by superior males. Improve all human races by
selective breeding. Why not? If the present day’s races could be freed from the curse of their lowest strata
of deteriorated, antisocial, feebleminded and outcast specimens, there would be little objection to a limited
race amalgamation. Hybridization of superior and dissimilar stocks is the secret of the creation of new and
more vigorous strains. This is true of plants, animals and humans.
Race blending greatly contributes to the sudden appearance of new characteristics, and if such
hybridization is the union of superior strains, then these new characteristics will also be of superior traits.

The real jeopardy of the human species is to be found in the unrestrained multiplication of the inferior and
degenerative strains of the various civilized peoples rather than in their racial interbreeding.

7.        Encourage private enterprises. They are public benefactors. They give jobs to the unemployed.
They must prosper to meet pay rolls. Their creative ingenuity creates wealth. They pay taxes.
8.        Have industrial courts to adjudicate local differences between employers and employees. Outlaw
collective bargaining, blackmail, and strikes that jeopardize national economy and kill industries that should
be protected by good government.
9.        Education. The purpose of education should be acquirement of skills, pursuit of wisdom, realization
of selfhood, and the attainment of spiritual values. Every eighth grade graduate should have acquired
training as a dependable worker with one or more manual skills that would qualify him to be a self-
supporting citizen. Instead of confinement in class rooms such training should be, in part, in shops and on
farms. “Working with the soil is the greatest of all blessings.” The public should not be taxed for schools
above the eighth grade in competition with private schools or private schools should receiver vouchers to
compensate for taxes paid to public schools. Any one that can read can get a higher education if he really
wants it and is willing to work for it. At this time in Chicago the schools are in shambles of permissiveness,
an outrageous waste of tax money. Two thirds of the students do not have the mental capacity to be
benefited by it and would be much better off working and supporting themselves.  
10.        Health and welfare should be under the supervision of physical culturists, athletic coaches, and
teachers of proper nutrition and right living for prevention of disease. The wide spread prevalence of ill
health and physical unfitness is a national disgrace The outrageous profits made by the medical profession
in prolonging the death agonies of the aged should be investigated, publicized and punished We should be
as kind to people as we are to dumb animals.
11.        City slums are made by poor, ignorant, untrained, backward people that do not belong in cities.
They move into mansions and new housing, damage it, repair nothing, and blame everyone else for
conditions for which they themselves are responsible. They would do well supporting themselves on a few
acres of land in a house built by themselves. “Working the soil is the greatest of all blessings” “Poverty and
dependence can never be eliminated if the defective and degenerate are freely supported and permitted to
reproduce without restraint.”
12.        The laws of an ideal state should be few in number and positive, not negative. Adequate individual
opportunity for self realization should be encouraged by government supervision with a minimum or
regulative control. “That state is best which co-ordinates most while governing least”
13.        A government is really an enlargement of an ideal family organization. What would be good for the
family should be good for the state. Certainly deficit spending cannot be recommended for a family.
Outrageous government profligate spending by bureaucracies on various tax-money sink-holes could be
controlled and eliminated if the Federal government was prohibited from going in debt.
14. We need to engage youthful enthusiasm constructively in building for a better world. Each member of
the home family and of the public family is vitally important and should be actively participating in working
for a brighter tomorrow.

“The inner and outer worlds have a different set of values. Any civilization is in jeopardy when three
quarters of its youth enter materialistic professions and devote themselves to the pursuit of sensory
activities of the outer world. Civilization is in danger when youth neglect to interest themselves in ethics,
sociology, eugenics, philosophy, the fine arts, and cosmology”

“Today (1934) the nations of the world are directed by men who have a super-abundance of ideas, but
they are poverty stricken in ideals. That is the explanation of poverty, divorce, war, and racial hatreds.” “A
lasting social system without morality predicated on spiritual realities can no more be maintained that could
the solar system without gravity.”  

(All quotations were from the Urantia book)

Robert Burton, M.A., Yale – 1906, LL.B, Yale - 1907. Licensed to practice law in Conn., S.D., Mo., Ill., and
before the U.S. Supreme Court, now retired and living on Cold Springs Farm, Coon Hollow Road, Three
Rivers Michigan. (Now deceased)
Both Bob and his wife Ruth have been involved in the spread of the Urantia teachings for many years. Ruth
was an ordained teacher of the Urantia book, having received her credentials from the school that Sadler

(Urantia Readers International’s note – Robert’s syllabus was not intended to convey a political statement,
but was rather comprised of his ideas regarding concepts extrapolated from the Urantia book about social
issues as prevalent today as they were in 1969. Many of the problems have not seriously been addressed
by Congress allowing many of today’s youth to run amok as they did in the previous four decades. Gangs
of degenerates have proliferated through the world and along with adult mobs which abound; we are now
harboring the largest criminal population of any country in the world with no change in sight. One may not
agree with all of Robert’s opinions, but he does provide food for thought – thought that our leaders better
take heed of while there is still a chance.)